PopPrice Park

Location: Briar Ave N
Size: 3.4 Acres

• Children’s climbing equipment
• Picnic tables
• Swings
• Park benches

PopPrice Park is located along Briar avenue in Slaterville adjacent to the Tudor house and was developed in 1973 by the City of Cranbrook and the Kiwanis Club.  The park is named after a local resident of the area, who all the neighborhood children called Pop, who was heavily involved in the community and in children activities especially Minor Hockey and Minor Baseball.  PopPrice Park has a combination of open green space, children’s jungle gym, climbing equipment, swing sets and park benches.  PopPrice is situated centrally to a number of residential family neighborhoods and offers a great balance of outdoor activity space and equipment for the whole family.  This park backs on to and overlooks a picturesque small mountain range with a tree lined marsh area bordering the park that adds to the atmosphere.  PopPrice park is where families are able to admire and appreciate the beautiful landscape that Cranbrook and the East Kootenays has to offer while staying active and playing their kids.

Both Pop Price Park and Baker Park have an outdoor rink that is lit up at night until 10:00pm. The park is maintained by the City for the public to enjoy. Stop by for a lunchtime game of shinny or an after dinner skate.

If you have questions about this park, the amenities available or wish to book for an event, please email cityparks@cranbrook.ca or call 250-489-0220.

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