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Cycle Network

Cycling is a viable transportation and recreation option in the City of Cranbrook. There is growing interest in healthy, fun and environmentally-friendly ways to get around the community. Cycling and walking trails have been a high priority for our residents since the first Parks and Recreation Master Plan took place in 1995.  This priority planted the seeds for an extensive city-wide trail network, beginning with the nine kilometre paved Rotary Way Cycle / Walk Trail. 

Over the past decade, Rotary Way has seen extensions to connect with the 26 kilometre NorthStar Rails to Trails. This linkage created a contiguous paved trail starting at Idlewild Park, and continuing all the way to downtown Kimberley. In 2017, the City began focusing on the needs identified in the 2016 Parks and Recreation Master Plan, to provide more cycling routes and interconnectivity throughout the City.  Through a public planning process, a variety of routes were developed that would be implemented in a multi-phase approach.

The City of Cranbrook is working hard to provide convenient and safe places for you to bike on both pathways and roadways. We encourage you to learn about sharing this public space safely and with respect for other users by following our Cycling education pages.

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