September 14, 2018

Cranbrook, BC (September 14, 2018) -- I, Sarann Press, Chief Election Officer for the City of Cranbrook, do hereby declare, pursuant to Section 97 of the Local Government Act, the following persons as candidates in the 2018 General Local Election:

Candidates for the single (1) office of Mayor:

Lee Pratt                              800 17A ST. S.                     Cranbrook, BC


Candidates for the six (6) offices of Councillor:

Norma Blissett    216 4th Ave. S.  Cranbrook, BC
Danielle Eaton Cardozo 4974 Ha Ha Creek Rd. Wardner, BC
Jordan Fiorentino      3012 Mt. Fisher Pl  Cranbrook, BC
Wesly Graham     529 Hurry Ave. NW  Cranbrook, BC
Melodie Hull          2928 Edgewood Drive Cranbrook, BC
Michael Peabody 808 14th St. S   Cranbrook, BC
Ron Popoff     528 16th St. S      Cranbrook, BC
Wayne Price        117 17 St.     Cranbrook, BC
Curt Rasmussen            3113 6th St. S  Cranbrook, BC
Randy Tapp      617 15th St. S  Cranbrook, BC


Candidates for the five (5) offices of School District No. 5 Trustee for Electoral Area 5:
(City of Cranbrook and Regional District of East Kootenay Area C)


Trina Ayling  314 10th St. S    Cranbrook, BC
Chris Johns      3807 38th Ave. S    Cranbrook, BC
Doug McPhee      264 28th Ave. NW  Cranbrook, BC
Wendy Turner         516 11th St. S  Cranbrook, BC
Patricia Whalen                                       Cranbrook, BC


Given under my hand at Cranbrook, British Columbia, this 14th day of September, 2018.

Sarann Press
Chief Election Officer         

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