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Dr. David Sweet

Dr. David Sweet – 2008 Officer of the Order of Canada for Forensic Odontology

David was born and raised in Cranbrook and received the Officer of the Order of Canada for enhancing Canada's reputation as a leader in forensic odontology-the science of victim identification using dental charts and analysis of teeth-and for his contributions as a teacher, researcher and consultant.

David attended UBC and returned to Cranbrook as a dentist until invited to teach at UBC in 1984. David Sweet is a Doctor of Dental Medicine and holds specialty certification in forensic odontology and a Ph.D. in forensic medicine.  He is an internationally recognized evidence expert, investigator, professor and researcher at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

His laboratory—the BOLD Forensic Lab @ UBC—is a unique crime-fighting laboratory where, through the analysis of evidence using traditional forensic odontology methods combined with modern DNA techniques, Dr. Sweet pits modern science against criminals. 

Since 1990, Dr. Sweet has been involved in more than 850 forensic investigations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, Central America, Africa and the Caribbean.  Dr. Sweet is currently Deputy Chair (Science) of the Interpol Standing Committee on Disaster Victim Identification.

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