Snow Removal Information


It is an annual ritual of most Canadians – the anticipation of Mother Nature’s first blast of snowy, winter weather.

.“Our snow removal crews and equipment are ready to go,” says Derrick Anderson, Director of Public Works with the City of Cranbrook.

“We have great staff and a solid fleet of truck and plows, with operations ready to run around the clock during any major snow event. During these events, we follow our priority routes, so it can take us three or four days to be able to reach everyone.  We ask our residents and business owners to be patient and understanding. We will be doing our very best.”

It’s also important for residents and business owners to help out by keeping streets and sidewalks clear of snow and ice.  Not leaving your vehicle parked on the street during snowfalls wherever possible will also help make clearing the streets easier for City plows, along with not pushing windrows back into the street.  

Keeping snow and ice removed from your nearby sidewalks and driveways is also important from an emergency services perspective.  It will allow much easier access to your property by the fire department, RCMP or paramedics should an accident or other emergency happen at home.

For more information about snow clearing, routes and schedules please use the links below.
City of Cranbrook Snow Removal Policy
Snow Plow Priority Routes Map
Sidewalk Clearing Maps

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